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How to Beat Winter Break Boredom

Winter break is a fun time for kids — especially with all the gift exchanging and new toys to play with from the holidays! But sometimes children need entertained; here are some ideas for activities to keep the holidays jolly!!

Indoor activities:

  1. Make a fun obstacle course in your living room with forts, tunnels and climbing!
  2. Help them be creative by writing a story, they can even add illustrations
  3. Make some fun winter-themed crafts like snowflakes
  4. Break out the board games; try teaching them to play chess or checkers
  5. Make some fun clay sculptures
  6. Put together a puzzle
  7. Renew math skills with some flashcards
  8. Help your children write thank you cards for the presents they’ve received

Outdoor activities:

  1. Go sledding on a small hill near your house
  2. Make snow angels
  3. Try ice skating
  4. Build a snowman
  5. Make an igloo or a snow fort
  6. Have a snowball fight

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