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What's "Appening": 5 Top Free Pregnancy Apps for Moms-to-Be

Browse our list of the best pregnancy apps to download on your Android or iPhone. 

Congratulations — you’re pregnant! You have a lot to celebrate and look forward to over the next few months. There’s also a lot you probably want to learn as your baby grows and you grow with her. Thanks to technology, there are thousands of pregnancy apps to help you put your wait time to work.

Whether you want to track by day, week or month, get help choosing a name or connect with other parents-to-be, there’s an app for that — and more. These are a few of the best free iPhone and Android pregnancy apps moms have rated at least a 4.5 out of 5.

1. Baby Bump — Free

If numbers and charts are your thing, this app is the master at tracking and documenting all kinds of information about you and your growing baby. Customizable forums let you connect with other parents around the world.

The App’s Best Features

  • Birth date countdown
  • Weekly details and illustrations of your baby’s size, weight and development
  • Common symptoms, cravings and body changes moms can expect each week
  • Daily weight and waist measurement tracker
  • Mood and symptoms tracker
  • Kick and contraction counter

2. Glow Nurture (iPhone/Android) — Free

This app uses your data to customize your experience. Log health and activity information, and you’ll receive alerts and information on how your habits affect your health.

The App’s Best Features

  • Daily updates on your baby’s development
  • Doctor’s appointments tracker
  • Good-health habit log (taking prenatal vitamins, practicing Kegels, etc.)
  • Thousands of articles
  • Emailable charts and trackers
  • Community forums to connect with other moms-to-be

3. Ovia (iPhone/Android) — Free

This is another app that uses your data to provide personalized information. You’ll receive daily feedback as you track your weight, sleep, moods and symptoms. You can track your baby’s growth with tiny hand- and foot-size illustrations. The app is updated every few weeks based on feedback from users.

The App’s Best Features

  • Daily updates on your pregnancy and your baby’s development
  • Important health alerts for pregnancy-based on analysis of your data
  • Due date calculator and countdown
  • Symptoms lookup
  • Safe medication and food lookup
  • Weight, symptoms, nutrition, sleep, exercise and mood tracker
  • Articles and tips for the fourth trimester — after baby’s birth

4. WebMD Pregnancy (iPhone) — Free

This is a favorite app of first-time moms, thanks to its Pregnancy 101 page. You’ll find straightforward, doctor-approved articles, videos and more. Learn about nutrition, common symptoms and safety tips.

The App’s Best Features

  • Week-by-week tracking of baby’s development and changes in your body
  • Symptom, weight and blood pressure tracker
  • Checklists, reminders and notes
  • Kick counter and contraction timer
  • Twin-specific profile and information
  • Belly photo album to track your growing belly

5. What to Expect (iPhone/Android) — Free

This app comes from the people known for the old-school pregnancy tracker: What to Expect When Expecting. (For those of you too young to remember, it’s a book!) This digital version includes hourly, daily and monthly tracking of your baby’s development. It also offers emotional support with daily reasons to smile — a great reminder on those days your back aches, feet swell and Baby just won’t move off your bladder!

The App’s Best Features

  • Personalized information based on your due date
  • Baby’s development tracker with growth measured in fruit sizes
  • Updates on your changing body
  • Due date countdown
  • Daily newsfeed of pregnancy tips, health news and stories from real parents
  • Community forums based on due date, locations, medical conditions and more

Pregnancy apps are a great way to learn about the changes you and your baby are going through during your pregnancy and countdown to baby’s arrival. But remember, your doctor knows you and your growing baby best. Be sure and talk with her about problems or concerns you might have.

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