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What's "Appening": Trick or Treat Apps to Keep Halloween Fun and Safe

One thing’s for sure, kids love Halloween. So why not add to their holiday fun? Whether you’re wanting costume ideas, recipes or ways to keep them safe while trick-or-treating, there’s an app for that!

Six Halloween Apps You Should Check Out


1. POPSUGAR Halloween

Let POPSUGAR be your Halloween inspiration. Want to make your own costume this year? Looking for the perfect menu for your Halloween bash? Need decorating ideas? Just download, and swipe your way to the ultimate Halloween. IOS only.  


2. A Storybots Halloween 

Got little ones? They’ll get a kick out of the Storybots Halloween app. They get to upload pictures of family members, and cast them as the different Halloween characters. The app then creates a fun video that can be shared on social networking sites. IOS only.


3. Halloween Spooky Sound Box

Want to create the perfect haunted house atmosphere? This app offers 50 sound effects including scary sounds, spooky music, ghostly voices, horror tunes and more. No internet connection required. IOS only.


4. Life360 

This free app uses GPS and messaging to keep your group connected when it’s time to head out for trick-or-treat. You create a private group called a “circle.” Circle members can see where each other is on the map in real-time and communicate through group chats or private messages. Parents can also set boundary limits for their kids and receive notifications if those boundaries are being crossed. IOS and Android.


5. Family Locator

What do you do when your older kids want to go trick-or-treating without you? You know you need to let them grow up, but the thought of just sending them out on their own feels like a real-life horror movie. Maybe this can help. Family Locator is a free phone tracking app that lets you see your kids’ locations in real-time and receive notifications when they reach their destinations. The app also includes instant messaging. IOS and Android.


6. Red Panic Button

Even though it is highly unlikely they’ll need it, this app may give you some much needed peace of mind. In case of an emergency, your trick-or-treater can press a single button to send texts and emails that contain a link to Google Maps along with their GPS coordinates to everyone in their panic contact list. IOS and Android.